Thursday, 11 December 2008

the good the bad and the quick

i haven't blogged in a while. to both of you who read this blog i apologise.


here i'm refering to gabriel agbonglahor (or however you spell it). for those of you who don't know who he is he's a footballer and he's flipping lightning. i used to tell villa fans, or anyone else who would care to listen that he was crap. but he's turned into one heck of a footballer and fully deserved his england cap the other week.

anyway the reason i'm talking about villa players with stupid names is that the mighty gills are playing villa in the fa cup 3rd round and im so excited i could pee at seeing how those brummies handle a trip to a packed to the rafters, rocking priestfield!


i was walking home the other day. i'd just crossed the road on me way to somerfield to buy bog roll. and some woman was shouting at her daughter who was probably about 3 or 4. i couldn't believe the language this woman was using. as she screamed 'f*ck you!' straight at this poor girls face i thought about what the girl must be feeling. and what a crappy world we live in. as i was waiting to pay for my andrex i genuinely nearly cried. how can we treat each other like this?! aaaaaagh! it was horrible. maybe she was a terrible mum? maybe she's a great mum who's been ran ragged by a little terror all afternoon and the outburst was completely uncharacteristic? either way that moment of anger was just horrible.


on the same walk home i bumped into colin. an old fella i vaguely know from church stuff in gillingham. a really pleasant chirpy bloke. he'd been christmas shopping and clearly enjoyed showing me what he'd bought for various people. he'd put real thought into his gifts and his goal was clearly just to make whoever got them happy. a few weeks earlier i'd shared a train back from london with colin and he'd given me a flipping lovely pot of jam that he'd been given by the friend he'd visited.

maybe the world isn't always crappy after all?

shouting, fighting, kindness, anger, joy, laughter, bitterness, peace, hatred, love, jam......

it's all in there

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