Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fine Ale, Super Harry and a Whole Load of Creativity!

i flipping love beer! drunkenness is pointless and i hate the feeling of being dehydrated which comes with too many beverages but i love beer. i do. i just love it.

for years i was a guinness man, but recently i've turned from the usually hideously priced, but oh so satisfying black stuff to real ale.

laurie (my best friend, girlfriend, soul mate) has just left after a weekend visit. we see each other about every 2 weeks. it sucks like a dyson. she left. i was sad. i sat down at my computer. i felt like blogging...........i couldn't think of anything to i went down the co-op and bought 2 bottles of old speckled hen. flipping good beer.

so many blogs are just people moaning and i don't want this to be like that. my weekend was fab..... for a start SPURS WON A MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!can't flipping wait to see all the action on match of the day 2 later...... and i think harry redknapp is the perfect appointment for us. gills also won so football wise top weekend!

8.55 on saturday morning, me and the beautiful laurie were on our way to london. tube to camden, bought a banana and a pear, then a short walk and we were there, london zoo! we were both very excited and skipped most of the way to see the giraffes (laurie's favourite). isn't God creative!!!!!! the zoo was ace. so many wonderful animals; giraffes, lions, tigers, zebras, monkeys, snakes, arsenal fans, bats, hunting dogs, gorillas and possibly strangest of all, okapis?! check out the picture! looks like a dog, a zebra, a horse, bugs bunny and martin keown were involved in a horrible high speed collision!

1.45 on saturday afternoon, me and the beautiful laurie were on our way from the zoo to camden market (via the zoo's gift shop of course, she bought me a lion notebook). we love being in camden. we wander. we natter. we eat falafel. we drink tea at the worlds greatest tea shop. one of us loves stopping at every stall to look at the earrings! haha. it's fab. isn't God creative!!!!!!!! so many different cultures, dress senses, personalities, faiths in this world and it seems to me each of them sends a representative to camden market. i love it.

i love my God, and learn lots about him through the bible and time spent in His presence. but i also learn so much about Him through people. through their smiles, generosity, boldness, individuality, sense of humour and patience to name but a few. okapis are great but us people are made in God's image. maybe not in outward appearance, i'm not sure if God has 2 arms, 2 legs and a head like me, you and Jesus do, but in character.

i love the fact that the creative genius who crafted this universe also created me. created okapis. created the many weird and wonderful people in camden. created all of us. how good is that?

joke to finish: (courtesy of laurie)

what do you call a man on your doorstep wth no arms and no legs?



Lizzie said...

yes mate! he definitly is creative. like the way you never see any two people that look exactly the same... well, unless they are identical twins! but you see my point. what an imagination He has!

p.s loved the joke

Lee J said...

mate! you've turned into a geek having a blog. saying that, so have i!

i love beer too, the same, guinness, and real ale. oh yes yes yes as the churchill dog would say!

quality mate, beer to be drunk soon

nice to see your jokes are stil worse than mine!