Friday, 17 October 2008

Lets try that again......

ok so i realise if i press enter after typing the title of a blog post it gets posted straight away....and as i don't know how to erase it, my 1st ever blog post is completely blank! not a good start. oh well i'll probably get bored of writing on here by tuesday next week so i suppose it doesn't really matter.

"did you here about the 2 brooms who had a miracle baby?!?!?!"

"they hadn't even swept together! haha"

be a good person?
go to church?
be a judgemental idiot with your head up your own bum?
drive a volvo?

although alot of these arguments have more weight behind them than emile heskey, i don't think any of them completely answers the question.....

my idea of what a christian is or should be seems to change daily as i crash through life making mistake after mistake, everyday trying to figure out what it's all about!

"A Christian is someone who knows what Jesus has done for them and this truth governs their lives"

this is my opinion at this time (1.42am on a saturday morning)
am i way off the mark?
i'm not entirely sure myself but i'd love for people to comment if only to prove i haven't wasted the last half hour of my life.

i'm also a spurs fan so if you want to leave a comment just to mock me your probably never gonna get a better chance!


quickontheballpaul said...

Hey Dave,

You made me laugh...and think, and that can't be a bad start!

Being a Christian is believing what Jesus has done for you and obeying what he said. Belief is nothing unless you act.

Hope you're well!


Pete said...

looking forward to reading ur blog young david.

Anonymous said...

this is really good...keep blogging!

bethwa said...

hey i love how accurate paul always is in his comments.
makes me smile.
its nice to read a bit of your madness ... its been a while.
being a christian.... well it makes you go your length and thats for sure... it turns your world upside down.
you cant possibly have wasted half an hour of your life - cos you're talking about jesus and thats just awesome.
wassii hug to you. x wa